Your Next Fabric Wholesaler: Get Creative Wholesale Fashion Fabrics from This Supplier in Perth, WA

It’s not by accident that Vallance has become one of the best-known fashion fabric suppliers for the Perth clothing market. Together with our uniform textile line, Young Apparel, Vallance Fabrics has developed an extensive collection of high-quality fabrics over the past 40 years. Since getting our start as a school uniform supplier in 1977, we’ve learned a lot about sourcing the best textiles from around the world with an eye to both fashion and function.

 One of the biggest lessons we’ve taken to heart is that it’s not enough to just follow the trends: you must anticipate them and always be thinking about what the future of fashion will hold. As a clothing designer, you probably know this better than most, and you deserve a fabric wholesaler for your Perth business that’s as dedicated to fashion as you are. While most wholesalers are reactive to the market, we stay one step ahead. This way, the fabric you need is ready when you are, and our forward-thinking materials and patterns might even inspire you to try something new.

 Runway Colours and Creative Designs

 Not every wholesale fabric supplier in Perth can promise the creativity and openness you’ll find at Vallance. With a wide variety of prints, patterns, and textures available, if you can dream it up, we can help make it a reality. If we don’t already have the fabric you need, we’ll even source new materials just for you. For custom orders, you’ll work with our talented development team to make sure you’re getting precisely what you need with an eye to price, sustainability, and quality. While we try to anticipate what our clients will need, we don’t think of everything and are excited to learn about new ideas in the fashion world from the businesses we supply.


If you want to take a look at what we have available now, explore the amazing patterns in our Spring/Summer 2019 collection. We were quite excited to put this collection together, and it showcases well the variety and quality we can offer as a wholesaler for your WA clothing line. From eye-catching florals to muted summer stripes, this collection has it all.

Top Wholesale Fashion Fabrics in Perth, WA

As a top fashion fabric supplier in Perth, we pride ourselves on reliable customer service. It doesn’t make sense to offer such high-quality materials without the people skills to match. So, in addition to beautiful collections and thoughtful designs, when you make us your fabric supplier in WA, you’ll get fantastic customer support from our team too. We have dedicated representatives in every Australian state which makes it easy to get quick results and attentive service.

We see the fashion lines we supply as partners in creation, and you’ll notice the difference quickly when you start working with Vallance and Young Apparel. Don’t settle for just any wholesaler. Instead, contact Young Apparel and take advantage of our extensive network, creative outlook, and customer-focused business model.