What You Should Know about Poplin Fabrics and Where to Find a Wholesale Fashion Fabric Supplier or Wholesaler in Sydney NSW

When you’re shopping for wholesale fabrics in Sydney, you’ll find out quickly that there are a vast number of options and choosing the right one for the job can be overwhelming. Poplin is one of the options you’ll encounter when shopping for wholesale fashion fabrics in Sydney. Most likely, you’ve worn poplin at some time – possibly without even knowing what it was. It may have seen 100% cotton poplin, or it may have been a cotton-poly blend; either way, poplin is a very popular material for today’s clothing. There are good reasons why poplin has become so widely used; it’s strong and durable as well as soft and lustrous, making it an excellent option for a variety of garments.

How poplin is made

Poplin is known for its tightly closed weave and unique rubbed texture, which lends a softness that feels great to wear. Poplin was originally a plain weave made from silk warp yarns and filled in with wool, giving it its signature ribbed texture. Now, poplin is made mainly of 100% cotton, helping it retain its strength but feeling lighter. You can also find wool, silk, rayon, satin, or polyblend poplin fabrics. No matter what the poplin is made of, though, the concept is the same: a plain weave of two yarns of varying thicknesses. The result is a thin, cool fabric with a beautiful drape that’s also tough and durable.

Sewing with poplin

Because of its smooth texture and ability to hold its shape, poplin is amazingly easy to handle. However, despite being easy to work with, poplin is quite thin, so many people prefer to stiffen it up a bit before sewing. Poplin is also ideal to embroider on because of the nature of the weave and the forgiving nature of the material. Be sure to ask your fashion fabric wholesaler in Sydney about poplin and its many benefits.

Uses for poplin

 Poplin has long been a go-to for a range of uses. Initially used for women’s dresses, poplin quickly found a new home in upholstery for the same reasons it works so well in clothing. However, it continued to grow as a clothing fabric, expanding into military uniforms during World War II. Today, poplin’s unique qualities have helped make it a favourite choice for a wide range of garments, including shirts, jackets, pants, and skirts. It’s perfect for school uniforms as well.