The Benefits of Microfibre Fabrics for School Uniforms and Where to Find a Fashion Fabric Wholesale Supplier or Wholesaler in Brisbane QLD

Whether you are buying clothing for your employees or choosing wholesale fabrics in Brisbane to manufacture school uniforms, there are some things to consider to ensure that you pick the best possible fabrics. Several aspects factor in, such as the climate where your customers live and how active the people wearing the clothes are. In the case of school uniforms, they need to be durable and comfortable, as active kids will be wearing them for hours on end. For these reasons, microfibre is one of the best choices. Originally used in furniture upholstery, microfibre is now gaining popularity as a long-lasting fabric that works great in clothing, too. This material holds up very well against wear and tear and retains its shape over time much better than many other fabrics do.

 A durable fabric

 Clothing isn’t cheap, and it needs to last as long as possible. That’s why it’s best to make it out of material that will last. There’s a good reason microfibre was used initially for upholstery: it can handle almost anything, including pets and children. It survives through spills, heavy use, and even rough-and-tumble children, making it the perfect material for school uniforms. It significantly outlasts many other fabrics when it comes to wear and tear, so be sure to ask your wholesale fabric supplier in Brisbane about microfibre.

 Excellent stain resistance

Most clothing fabrics are easy to stain. However, one of the best wholesale fashion fabrics in Brisbane – microfibre – isn’t. We’ve all had to throw out clothing that became stained by an unfortunate spill or accident, wasting our money and time as we now must buy new clothes to replace the damaged garment. Especially people who have to wear white at work or school are vulnerable to losing items of clothing to stains. However, microfibre solves this problem by being highly stain resistant. Even foods and drinks known for causing stains such as red wine are less likely to stain microfibre. Many other fabrics would be instantly ruined, but microfibre holds up.