Need A Wholesale Fashion Supplier? Try This Fabric Wholesaler in Adelaide SA

If you’re looking for a new wholesale fabric supplier in Adelaide, SA you’re probably focused on finding something quickly so you can start producing your next line of fashion-forward clothing. There are several reasons to act fast when you’re on a timeline but switching suppliers can also be an excellent opportunity to trade up in quality if you take the time to compare wholesalers and find someone willing to go above and beyond when it comes to providing you with quality fabrics and brilliant designs.


As a long-time provider of wholesale fashion fabrics in Adelaide, SA, Young Apparel and our fashion-focused complementary range Vallance Fabrics, is precisely that someone. Since 1977, we’ve been in the business of sourcing a diverse range of fabrics that can help you bring your clothing line to life. With on-trend collections and a global supply network, any fabric you need - from sustainable basics to beautiful custom designs - is available through Vallance and Young Apparel.


While some things haven’t changed in the past 40 years, like our commitment to quality and reliable service, many aspects of the textile industry have. To keep up with the rapidly changing world of fashion, we take an open and imaginative approach to the fabrics we provide.


A Fashion Fabric Wholesaler in Adelaide


When we started providing fabrics for school uniforms back in the 1970s, we could never have imagined how much this business would grow. Now, we’re not only the largest supplier of school uniform materials in Australia, but we’re also a well-recognised fashion fabric supplier in SA and beyond. After all, with such an extensive network of suppliers and an experienced team of textile gurus, we knew we could do more than just provide school uniforms.


As part of our expansion into a broader range of wholesale fabrics in Adelaide, we now offer a design development service intended to help you find the best fabric available. Working with our team of qualified design consultants can help you determine exactly what you need to create the garments you’ve dreamt up. We’ve helped countless fashion lines discover the difference an experienced wholesaler can make and now we want to bring that difference to you.

 Quality and Sustainable Fabrics

 Getting it right in the fashion business starts with high quality material. That’s why we’ve taken care to make sure everything we use is up to our strict standards and created using the latest technology in the textile manufacturing industry.

 It would have been easy to rest on our previous success, but we challenge ourselves each season to do something new and embrace the significant developments in the fashion world. In recent years, that’s meant an increasing focus on sustainably sourced materials. In particular, our line of natural fibre materials was created with sustainability in mind from start to finish.

 No matter what your textile needs, Vallance and Young Apparel can help you find what you’re looking for - and maybe even give you some new ideas you hadn’t considered yet. Get in touch with us today to learn more and upgrade your wholesale experience while you have the chance.