Create Fashion Pieces with the Help of a Retro Pattern Fabric Supplier in Australia

Originally formed to provide school uniform fabrics, Young Apparel has been in the wholesale fabric business for over 40 years. Since starting with school uniforms in the mid-1970s, we’ve now branched out both physically and pertaining to the types of clients we serve. As a top quality retro pattern fabric supplier in Australia, we realised that fashion designers and clothing companies might be interested in our products as well.


Today, we act as a retro pattern fabric supplier for Australian and New Zealand fashion labels both large and small. As retro fashion has become big business, we’re excited to supply up and coming designers with high quality fabric for orders of any size. Rather than trying to stock your own textiles, let Young Apparel make it easy to stay fresh by drawing on our extensive warehouse of comfortable and well-made retro pattern fabrics. We’ve taken great care to make sure the products we stock both look and feel fantastic, and your customers will be happy with the modern cotton and poly blends we can supply.


As an experienced supplier, we know what it takes to get it right the first time. That means on-time shipments with everything in order and easy to reach customer service representatives. In fact, we have friendly representatives stationed in every Australian state (as well as New Zealand and Canada). Don’t settle for just any supplier. Instead, get in touch with one of the most experienced retro pattern fabric suppliers in Australia today and get started on your first order now.