Common Fabrics Used in School Uniforms and Where to Find a Wholesale Fashion Fabric Supplier or Wholesaler in Melbourne VIC

Many schools in the country and around the world require students to wear school uniforms. There are several reasons supporters of uniforms believe they are the best option, from helping students feel that they are part of the school community, preventing them from feeling “different,” and teaching them to follow the rules and norms. Throughout the year, uniforms are in demand as parents stock up on uniforms and replace damaged or outgrown ones for their children. What school uniforms are made of matters because it affects their comfort and quality. Here are some of the most common materials.


 Many wholesale fabrics in Melbourne used to make school uniforms are nylon. Nylon is a widely popular synthetic fibre often used in school uniforms. It has numerous advantages over other fabrics. For one thing, it’s lightweight, making it cool and comfortable. It’s also sturdy and low-maintenance, which makes it a perfect option for school uniforms.


 It’s common to find polyester in school uniforms and many other garments ordered from a fashion fabric wholesaler in Melbourne. This is mostly because polyester has many qualities that make it suitable for many types of clothing. It is particularly useful in school uniforms because it is incredibly durable and easy to dye and customise, making it great for active kids to wear. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, keeping uniforms looking neat all day long.


Also a synthetic fabric, Dacron is closely related to polyester. This fabric is most often used to reinforce garments such as pants and skirts. Dacron can keep textiles from showing signs of wear over time such as slackness or wear-worn waves.


School uniforms are not typically made solely of wool; however, it is commonly used in combination with other fabrics such as polyester in school jumpers and jackets. It is also found in school sweaters, as it is naturally thick, soft, and warm.


Cotton is one of the most popular wholesale fabrics in Melbourne used in school uniforms. It is cost-efficient, easily dyed, and long-lasting. Woven cotton is breathable, comfortable, and durable, making it perfect for busy kids. Cotton is sometimes combined with polyester to help keep it from shrinking and creasing.